3 Reasons Some Men Opt for Body Hair Removal

Believe it or not, some men prefer to have body hair removal. While most would like to shave or wax their way to a clean, hairless appearance, some are likely to undergo the intense pulsed light (IPL) method, and that is all for an excellent reason. 

Understandably, this may all sound strange, as masculinity is all about showing off your beard and mustache to the public. However, due to the recent change in perception when it comes to fashion and trends, some are embracing their need for a procedure that will eliminate the hairs on certain parts of their body and have such a change be permanent.

If you’re still skeptical about this and you want to understand this current phenomenon better, we’ve come up with this quick and easy guide for you. Below are the reasons men invest in IPL hair removal, but  take note that this isn’t aimed at generalizing men’s fashion in modern society:

1. Due to Early Signs of Balding

If you can’t have them all, then it may be time to give them up in one go. Despite their wishes to have ever-flowing hair throughout their lives, some men may experience sporadic balding or early signs of having bald spots on their heads. 

This is devastating, especially for those who have been taking care of their healthy locks since their younger years, only to have them naturally come off due to a rare genetic condition. In such a case, they would prefer just to have their whole hair removed to save face, something to pass the condition off as a new trendy style rather than be embarrassed by it. 

While shaving the head clean may be a viable option, IPL hair removal is much better since it doesn’t tend to miss a spot.

2. Due to Consistent Facial Grooming

Everyone’s busy nowadays. If a man isn’t busy with his career, he may need to tend to his family most of the time. With that said, they may not even have enough time to grow and groom their beards appropriately. If you happen to be one of them, your best bet would be to undergo IPL hair removal. 

You do not need to remove the entire thing, just the sections where you wouldn’t want your beard to grow anymore. It will be shaped to allow certain parts to increase while leaving out the rest. Of course, this will be done according to your preferences so that you may keep the same beard style forever.

3. Due to Aesthetic Reasons

Whether you like it or not, some women prefer men who have fewer body hairs on them. Yes, it is natural for men to have them all around their physique, but overgrowing them tends to have an unclean vibe towards women, much so that you may never be able to ask one out due to your hairy appearance. In that case, you may go for an IPL hair removal to have a permanent clean and hairless back, chest, and legs.


Men will always have a reason to have their body hair removed. While some are more reserved since hair symbolizes masculinity, some also have their deep-rooted purpose behind their decisions. You may even be one of them thinking about undergoing the procedure, and honestly, we couldn’t blame you for that. 

Just always remember that regardless of your reason, just be sure that you are okay with it, as the primary goal will always be about bringing out the best in you rather than just keeping up with your outer appearance. Invest in a suitable IPL and experience hair removal unlike any other.

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