How Painful Is an IPL Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing can be rather painful. If you are not careful, you may get nicks, cuts, and burns. If you are considering IPL hair removal as an alternative, you may be wondering, "does IPL hair removal hurt?"

Compared to the other methods mentioned, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) hair removal is relatively pain-free and gives you long-lasting results. This method uses high-heat monochromatic beams of light to target your hair follicles.

This process will mostly feel warm, and at most, the sensation you will experience is close to the feeling of a gently snapping rubber band against your skin. However, some areas of your skin may be thinner and more sensitive than others. 

The procedure can be slightly more uncomfortable if you have a lower pain tolerance. Still, it’s an effective way to remove hair in unwanted areas, and it’s always worth considering.

This article will run you through everything you need to know about IPL for hair removal and any possible pain during your treatment.

IPL Laser Hair Removal for the Legs

The skin in the leg area tends to be thicker, so you won't feel much pain when removing hair from this part of the body.

IPL for the Arms and Underarms Laser Hair Removal

The skin in the underarms is thinner, so this area tends to be one of the most painful areas for hair removal. The skin on the rest of your arms is thicker, so the pain will be more bearable. However, IPL hair removal pain is way less than getting a wax treatment or nicking yourself when shaving.

The hair also takes a while to grow back after an IPL treatment, so you get to enjoy the results for longer before needing another session.

IPL for the Face

The skin around the upper lip is also thin, so it may be more painful in this area, but the areas around the forehead and cheeks are much milder.

IPL for the Bikini Line Hair Removal by Laser

The bikini line is a very sensitive area, so you may feel some discomfort in this area. However, an IPL treatment's pain is quicker than waxing, and it is way less painful.

At Home IPL Laser Hair Removal

Instead of visiting a clinic for regular sessions, you can quickly get your IPL treatments done at home through an IPL device. 

These treatments don't tickle and may not be painful at all. As long as you are relaxed, using the device as indicated in the instructions, and using an IPL device from a reputable company, it should turn out fine.

Within 6 to 12 treatments, you may even attain permanent hair reduction results, so you would not need to get your hair removed as often or ever. The hair follicles may occasionally grow back, but they will be nowhere as thick or as fast as they used to be. 

This happens because the IPL targets the melanin or the pigment in the hair follicle. Other than making the hair in these areas fall out, this eliminates the roots and prevents them from growing back. 


If you are looking for a relatively pain-free hair removal method that offers long-lasting results, you are going to love IPL hair removal. This method feels like a gentle snapping rubber band against your skin and can permanently reduce hair growth in unwanted areas.

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