All About IPL Hair Removal Procedure - Does It Hurt

Whether you love or hate body hair, everyone has it! But while it’s all part of people’s natural beauty, we can’t deny that some would prefer a clean look, especially for those who want to keep their bodies neat and ready for some summer fun. Unfortunately, shaving, waxing, threading, and generally grooming the body are some of the most time-consuming beauty chores that most people would prefer to skip. 

If you’re frustrated with your body hair and want an easier way to look tidy, then the good news is that the beauty industry doesn’t come short with hair removal solutions! One of the latest technologies that promise speedier ways to permanently remove body hair is through IPL hair removal treatment, which anyone can do in a clinic or even from the comfort of their home using an IPL handheld device. 

What is IPL Hair Removal?

You may think of laser hair removal when talking about IPL devices, but it’s easy to confuse the two since both methods use laser technology to remove fine hair from your body. IPL hair removal is listed as an FDA-approved way to eliminate hair, and that applies to both in-clinic and at-home treatments.

Compared to laser technology, IPL hair removal can cover larger areas of the body since it uses a broad-spectrum light set at various wavelengths, making it a faster and cost-effective alternative. 

How Many Sessions of IPL Hair Removal Treatment Do You Need?

You can see obvious results and achieve permanent hair reduction after six to eight IPL hair removal treatment sessions, though keep in mind that you can get the best results if you start during the growth phase of your body hair. Naturally, the range of the sessions also varies depending on your hair. Facial hair, for instance, may need up to 12 treatment sessions to work completely. 

Does IPL Hair Removal Treatment Hurt?

Both laser and IPL hair removal treatments can cause discomfort, though the intensity depends on the individual’s pain tolerance. Professional IPL hair removal treatment can provide a more comfortable experience since experts apply cooling packs to the sensitive area to ease the redness, though you don’t have to worry about doing IPL hair removal treatments at home since the slight stinging sensation is tolerable. 

Be sure to relax and follow the IPL hair removal device’s instructions carefully to achieve maximum comfort. Certain factors may also impact your level of discomfort too, such as the following: 

  • Treated Area: some parts of the skin are more sensitive than others. 
  • Tex­ture of the Hair: the coarser the hair, the more uncomfortable it may feel since it will require more treatment. 
  • Skin Type: IPL hair removal treatment is not advisable for people with darker-colored skin!
  • Hair Type: similar to the skin type, IPL hair removal treatment is also not recommended to darker-haired people. 

The Bottom Line: The Wonders of IPL Hair Removal Devices and Treatments

If you’re not into a fluffy, hairy body and prefer to sport a clean, shaven appearance, then investing in an IPL hair removal device is definitely worth a shot! You only need a few sessions before you can say goodbye to your body hair, but the best part is that IPL hair removal treatments are significantly less uncomfortable and speedier compared to other methods.

You also have the option to do it at home with a high-quality IPL hair removal device, which is easy and safe to use even by non-professionals like you. Of course, you also have the option to let an experienced clinician do the dirty work for you, but at-home IPL hair removal devices can do the trick. 

Are You Planning to Get Laser IPL Hair Removal?

Instead of going through the pains of removing unwanted body hair, why not achieve smooth, hair-free skin by going for laser IPL hair removal? We offer this non-invasive, hair removal treatment that can effortlessly get rid of your rough stubs and fine hairs at home. Check out our IPL hair removal device and see how our quality products can elevate your morning routine.