The Do's and Don'ts of Shaving and Laser Hair Removal

So, you’re thinking about getting IPL laser hair removal. One of the most frequent concerns that people have about the treatment is whether or not they can shave between sessions.

Generally, you should have no problems shaving any hair growth that occurs in between treatments. It’s safe to do, and it’s even recommended for you to shave before the treatment to maximize the results. This is because the IPL laser used in the treatment is actually meant to destroy the follicles from the root so that it stops growing altogether.

That said, there are still proper do’s and don’ts that you need to follow to get the most out of your treatments and protect your skin.

Do: Exfoliate Before You Shave

If you’re going to shave before getting your IPL treatment, it’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin first. This will make your skin more prepped for shaving. As this removes dead skin cells, the area will be much smoother. 

Don’t: Wax, Pluck, or Use Hair Removers

Under no circumstances should you use any of these methods to remove your hair before treatment. This is because you want to keep the hair roots on the skin’s surface. Shaving achieves that, but waxing, plucking, and applying hair removal creams will completely remove the follicle for the time being. IPL lasers rely on removing melanin from hair follicles, and there won’t be any to target if you do any of the mentioned hair removal methods.

Do: Shave the Night Before Your Treatment

You’ll still likely want to get rid of the excess hair right before your treatment. While there is no real problem with doing it on the day itself, it’s better to do this the night before in case your skin is sensitive and gets irritated when you shave. 

Don’t: Moisturize If You’re Shaving Pre-Treatment

Although there’s usually no issue with using a moisturizer after shaving, you don’t want to risk the chance of having any residue left behind that can get in the way of the treatment. Of course, you could always just take a quick bath to remove any excess. 

Do: Wait a Few Days Before You Shave and Exfoliate After Treatment

Once you’ve gotten the treatment done, it’s best to wait at least four days before you start shaving and exfoliating the area again. This is simply to avoid any possible irritation and nicks while your skin is still sensitive. 

Don’t: Panic Over Hair Shedding

If you see some hair shedding from the area several days after the treatment, remain calm. This is the natural response of the body and means the treatment is working. Also, make sure you don’t assume any hair you see is regrowth right away. You may just be shaving for no reason if it turns out you're facing dead hair. 

Do: Exfoliate After the Hair Has Shed

Once you’ve shed all of the excess hair, you can start to exfoliate again. This should happen within days of treatment. It’s the body purging out the old cells and follicles that have been damaged, so you want to help it along with some gentle exfoliation. Of course, this only works because this phase is very far from the next treatment.  


When you get hair removal via IPL, you are basically going for more long-lasting results. Over time, you may not even need to shave anymore between treatments. The real benefit of this is the effectiveness in reducing growth and removing the risk of ingrown hairs.  

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