Common Questions for IPL Hair Removal and Pregnancy Use

Some people don’t care about body hair, while others feel a little more self-conscious about it. You can indulge in your preferences as multiple hair removal methods have been developed globally. Some of the more traditional processes like shaving and waxing have been heatedly debated upon, but there’s a better solution that lasts much longer. 

IPL hair removal is the current victor when it comes to removing body hair and stalling body hair growth for a long time. Many individuals have indulged in this procedure, though there are some questions that can come up, specifically in regards to the pregnancy use of IPL hair removal tech.

Here’s a short explainer to answer the common questions regarding IPL hair removal in this period:

What Is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL Hair Removal is a treatment that helps in removing the hair from the follicles. The technology used for IPL hair removal is a little bit like laser hair removal, but it uses intense pulsed light technology. This is in contrast to the latter method that uses more intense rays. Pulsed light is slightly safer thanks to how controlled the beams are compared to lasers. 

How Easy Is IPL Hair Removal to Undergo?

One perk about IPL hair removal is that it can be incredibly simpler to conduct the session and relatively easier to go through compared to hair laser removal. There are even a few tools on the market that allow men and women to remove their hair through the IPL method from the comforts of their homes.

IPL Hair Removal is deemed to be very easy and effective, though you may want to consider getting a bit of help from a hair removal expert before fully using it on your own. Otherwise, you might be left with an unseemly bald patch or unnecessary pain.

Is IPL Hair Removal Safe for Those Expecting?

Those undergoing pregnancy are often discouraged from getting almost any treatment as their bodies become more sensitive. IPL hair removal method is no different, with most people expecting discouraged from undergoing the treatment. It’s recommended to undergo treatment after the pregnancy period ends.

However, in theory, most pregnant women should be able to undergo IPL hair removal treatment without any negative effects. Many practitioners may not participate though, due to the potential risks and liabilities.

Should You Get IPL Hair Removal If You’re Expecting?

What matters most is your safety, as well as the baby’s. Even if it may seem harmless, perhaps those expecting should postpone using the tech or setting an appointment. The most secure and ideal thing to do is wait until after your baby is delivered to get IPL hair removal. There’s just not enough research that would guarantee your well-being. 

There has been evidence that suggests that women who underwent IPL while pregnant were unaffected, but that isn’t enough of a guarantee to risk it when you can wait until the pregnancy is over instead. No matter your decision, discuss it with a medical professional.


In summary, IPL hair removal is a very meticulous treatment that can help get rid of body hair. It may be best to hold off use until the end of your pregnancy, as it’s better to be safe than sorry. What’s sure is that you will have smoother skin for a much longer period afterward.

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