Clean and Lean: Some Hair Removal Methods and Their Pros and Cons

People are more proud of the hair on their heads rather than the ones on their bodies. It is just a natural reaction, and it’s a sentiment shared by men and women. Of course, the latter is more comfortable with it because it is usually a symbol of masculinity; however, that isn’t always the case since having a well-shaved body may also imply proper hygiene and self-care.

With that being said, people are more comfortable with the different shaving methods nowadays. While there may have been only one or two hair removal processes many decades ago, modern innovations ensured that we would have way more than that now.

It doesn’t even matter if you are a man or a woman; these methods can remove any unwanted body hairs without risking the skin and its complexion. If you are one of those curious enough to know about them, no worries, as we’ve listed down some of the most common examples. We have included all of their pros and cons since each method has features that may apply to others but aren’t compatible with your preferences. Take note of them and decide which ones may work best for you.

By the Method of Waxing

One of the most common methods of hair removal nowadays is waxing. You will have to apply warm wax on your excess body hair. Afterward, let it settle for a bit while pressing on the sticky surface or what we would call a depilatory paper, a type of material that attaches to the waxed surface itself. 

After bracing yourself, you may pull out the paper. Do this in a quick manner; otherwise, you may feel each hair strand getting pulled from your skin, and that will definitely be painful.

Pro: It is quite effective, usually clearing away even coarse hairs surrounding your bikini line.

Con: It is also very painful. Aside from the sudden pull, the hot wax may burn and damage your skin if the heat wouldn’t be regulated.

By the Use of Depilatory Creams

You can use depilatory creams to remove the hairs from your body. They are fairly simple to apply. Just squeeze the ointment from the bottle or small container and gently add a thin layer to the hairy parts. Make sure that you will read the instructions on the bottle to find out how long you would need to leave it on your skin.

Pro: You can apply them like any other cream or lotion. They are also portable, so you may do the hair removal even while you’re on vacation.

Con: They tend to be messy. They also have a strange odor that others may find off-putting.

By Applying the At-Home IPL Method

Believe it or not, there are at-home hair removal gadgets nowadays that utilize lasers. Some specifically use intense pulsed light (IPL) to remove hair growth without damaging the skin’s surface. Be sure to do your research and look for an authentic brand that will take care of your hair problems without any risk.

Pro: Their effect lasts forever, so you do not need to worry about the hairs regrowing again on the parts where you never want them to show up.

Con: There are only a few areas of the body where you may use IPL lasers since they are quite portable; hence, they are only applicable if you want to deal with smaller parts.


There are lots of hair removal methods people continue to practice today. While there is no best answer for picking one, you need to remember that it will all depend on your personal preference, especially if you are more comfortable with one method over the others. Waxing, depilatory creams, and IPL laser gadgets are efficient in their own ways, each having its fair share of pros and cons. Try to experiment and see which one works best for you. Remember, it isn’t just about going out hair-free; it’s also about going out in style.

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