Why at-Home Laser Treatment Is the Best Way to Remove Hair

Hair in unwanted places in the body is natural, but people have preferences. When you think about it, hair removal is a never-ending process because it costs you a lot of things such as time, money, and effort—simply because it simply grows again. More often than not, it can also feel like you’re going in circles.

The good news is that at-home laser treatments are now a thing in today’s world, along with other innovative devices that help people deal with unwanted hair. You can use many affordable and effective devices at home, ultimately saving you a lot of effort by going to a waxing salon.

So, why should you go for at-home laser treatments for hair removal? In this article, we’ll shed some light on the matter at hand. Read on below to learn more.

#1 - Comfort in a Familiar Environment

Doing at-home laser treatments allows you to be comfortable because, well, you’re at home. No matter how comfortable you may be with your skin specialist, going to a salon or clinic can still be nerve-wracking.

For this reason, Intense Pulse Light treatment (IPL) is an excellent at-home laser treatment preferred by many. When you’re doing laser treatments at home, you will feel at ease because you’re in a familiar environment. Aside from that, you don’t even need to feel self-conscious about the entire thing because you’ll be doing the process yourself.

#2 - You Get Better Results

Going to a specialist produces excellent results when it comes to hair removal. However, at-home laser treatments do just the same, if not even more. At-home IPL devices allow you to remove hair in a matter of minutes because you’re using an electronic device. 

Aside from that, there’s no need to constantly apply cream and gels as you go through the process. Simply put, IPL devices make the hair removal treatment faster with minimal effort because all you need to do is guide the device across the target areas to remove hair.

#3 - More Cost-Effective

At-home laser treatments can save you a lot of money because you won’t be paying for labor, but that’s not all there is. If you buy an IPL device once, you’re now the owner of a device that performs the same tasks that they use in salons and clinics. Not only that, but your device may even outperform the equipment used by specialists, depending on the quality.

Clinical IPL treatments range somewhere between $700 to $1200 per session, which is already very expensive on its own. Hair removal is also considered a non-essential procedure because of its cosmetic nature, so insurance may not cover it—forcing you to pay for it out of your pocket.

#4 - Fewer Side Effects

It’s no secret that laser hair removal isn’t entirely perfect and can often cause side effects such as red patches and blistering. These are also reasons why people refuse laser hair removal treatments. However, you should know that those are entirely normal, and there are easier ways to prevent it from happening.

IPL devices can give you the results you want with fewer side effects. If you use them, side effects such as razor burn and itchy post-treatment feelings are pretty much gone. This is because IPL devices target the hair at its roots, which stops the growth.


IPL devices are the way to go if you want better results in hair removal. Keep in mind, though, that you must still use cooling gels or creams after your at-home treatment so that your skin is still well taken care of. If you’re planning to purchase one soon, keep this guide in mind!

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