5 Things to Remember before at-Home IPL Hair Removal

It’s always a struggle, especially for people who prefer to be hairless, to keep unwanted hair growing from various body parts. Although there are many ways to remove unwanted hair, some treatments simply don’t give the result that people expect—not to mention the fact that most services are too expensive.

The most effective hair removal treatment is lasers. Through a photothermal destruction process, laser treatments target the hair follicles underneath the skin to destroy them without damaging the surrounding tissue or skin.

But another treatment, called the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology has been making waves the past few years. It has the same benefits as laser treatments at a lower price. The best thing about it is each session can be done at home! However, since its technology is relatively new, here are some things you need to remember before doing an at-home IPL hair removal treatment.

It Takes Time.

Every process takes time—even IPL hair removal. If you want excellent results, you shouldn’t rush it. The treatment isn’t as instant as you think it is. The results start to become noticeable after the third month from when the process was performed. Most people get disappointed when they do not see any difference right after. However, it is assumed that hair will slowly stop growing on the treated area when the third month hits.

Be Consistent.

Our body’s response to hair removal treatments is to grow the hair back simply. Using IPL to remove unwanted hair does the same thing, causing even bushier and thicker hair growth in those areas treated. Therefore, it is essential to use the device to prevent the hairs from growing back. Since hair follicles have their growth cycles, it’s better to “zap” every four weeks to lessen the chances of redeveloping unwanted.

Start in Autumn or Winter.

It’s better to do IPL treatments during the seasons when your skin is back to its original color. In an article from Harper’s Bazaar, it was explained that the light emitted from hair removal devices that use light targets the skin’s melanin as entry to the hair follicles underneath the skin. Therefore, if your skin is too dark or too close to your hair color, it will be trickier to identify the contrast between your hair follicles and melanin underneath your skin. Make sure you are not using any fake tanning products before using the device as well.

No More Plucking!

Shaving is your new best friend after IPL treatment. Since plucking and waxing pull the hair along with its follicle, it affects the process. For now, it’s OK to trim your hair by using other grooming tools such as razors or scissors.

Put on Sunscreen.

After the treatment, your skin will become more prone and sensitive to the sun. It’s essential to slather sunscreen on your skin to prevent damage from harmful UV rays. If possible, try to do the treatment at night to lessen the chances of sun exposure in the morning.


Compared to laser hair removal treatments, IPL hair removal is your best bet for a more affordable do-it-yourself way to eliminate unwanted hair. All you need to do is be consistent, protect your skin from the sun, and trust the process.

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