5 Reasons Why the IPL Hair Removal Method Isn’t Working

Intense Pulsed Light Technology, or the IPL Hair Removal method, has been around for a while now. The enhanced hair removal technique has penetrated regular households and provided benefits for people seeking new ways to shed unwanted body hair from its beginnings in salons and spas.

Although it is an effective method for removing hair, some people who do the process themselves seem unimpressed with the results that they have gotten. However, there are reasons why an IPL hair removal method isn’t working, and here are some.

Lack of Patience with Unwanted Body and Facial Hair

Many may think that IPL hair removal is an overnight solution to unwanted hair. However, it might shock people to know that the method for hair removal takes at least a few sessions to manifest excellent results.

Although the process is quick, easy, and painless, it doesn’t show significant outcomes right away. The IPL hair removal method targets the hair through its roots, killing it and preventing it from regrowing after some time. Do not be angry if you won’t see any progress right away, as the method is working but will take time until it starts showing you the results you want.

Failure to Read the IPL Manual

Since IPL hair removal is a method you do at home, online stores sell the devices to willing customers who would like to try it on themselves. Sometimes, when people get too carried away or excited to use a product, they fail to go over the manual by skipping it or choosing not to read it at all.

In effect, most people doing hair removal sessions on their own fail to get the best results—making them want a refund for a product that “doesn’t work,” when in fact, it is their fault why it didn’t in the first place. Therefore, to make sure you’ll be silky smooth after a few weeks of use, study the manual carefully and understand how the device works.

Did Not Follow the Treatment Plan for Proper Hair Removal

The journey to a hairless body doesn’t end in the process of using IPL hair removal devices. Instead, that’s only where it begins. The holistic results only manifest after following a series of treatment plans.

Every treatment device may require a specific treatment program. Although it’s not a general plan that everyone can follow, the devices should indicate those steps in the manual provided along with the device. Of course, be consistent and stick to the routine as accurately as possible.

No Maintenance Treatments

Maintenance sessions are essential for getting the full results and quick healing. However, most people who do hair removal practices at home fail to implore touch-up or maintenance treatments. Once they feel that the method has worked the first time, they won’t bother doing it again. But then again, a touch-up is essential to get back to the parts untouched and making sure every surface is equal to each other.

Used on Prohibited Areas

Generally, IPL hair removal methods are applicable for most surfaces on the body. However, people should avoid using them on skin with pigments or colors such as the areas with moles or tattoos. A different coloring may confuse the device, providing inaccurate results.


IPL hair removal method is an ideal, at-home technique that eliminates unwanted hair all over the body. However, since it is a session done at home, you must read more about the process to ensure you get the best results.

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