5 Necessary Aftercare Steps after Your First IPL Treatment

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a procedure that involves a device that gently pulses light on the hair roots, making them fall out over time. The treated area then grows less hair, preventing thicker regrowth for a period of time. The results last for more than eight weeks, with visibly smoother skin.

Stay Away From the Sun

Avoid direct sun exposure for at least six weeks after an IPL treatment session. Getting exposed to the sun may develop light and dark spots on the treated area. It’s best to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 half an hour before outdoors. 

Remember to re-apply sunscreen every few hours if you plan to stay outdoors. It also helps to cover up the affected area with your clothes. An umbrella or a hat may also be a great solution, adding a great touch to your outfit.

Avoid Other Hair Removal Methods

Although the effects of IPL lasts for a few weeks, you might still see a few hairs sticking out in the treated area. However, refrain from using other hair removal methods, for now, to prepare your skin for another session. Waxing or tweezing the area might damage the hair follicles which IPL is targeting.

Keep in mind that the shedding may occur between the fifth and 14th day after the treatment. Although it may look like new hair growth, it’s dead hair pushing its way out of the follicles. The best move you can do is to exfoliate by taking a hot shower and rubbing the area with a bath sponge or washcloth.

Avoid Irritants

The treated areas of the skin may become irritated for a few days. Some patients felt that the area feels uncomfortable and warm. Although that is normal, it’s best to treat it using an ice pack to relieve any sensitivity, redness, and swelling.

Try to avoid possible irritants, such as swimming in pools containing chlorine and other chemicals, hot tubs, saunas, hot showers, and activities that make you sweat excessively for the first few days. It’s also important to avoid using makeup on the affected areas, especially if it’s on your face. Allow the skin in the area to heal and make up itself. If possible, refrain from returning to your old skincare routine for a few days.

Stay Moisturized

Hydrate the skin by drinking lots of water. At least cover the daily recommended amount to ensure that your skin stays moisturized. It’s also best to use a gentle moisturizer on the treated area right after the treatment. The dermatologist doing the procedure may also provide you a moisturizing product to use on the affected area.

Use lukewarm water only for the first few days, alongside a moisturizing soap if possible. Then apply moisturizer right after. However, avoid stripping too much of the natural oils found on your skin. Continue to hydrate the affected area by eating watery fruits and vegetables.

Avoid Scratching Treated Area

Scratching or picking the affected area may lead to scarring. If the treated area feels itchy, apply a soothing ointment such as hydrocortisone cream or Aquaphor. Using Aloe Vera may also provide additional relief from itchiness. Applying a cold compress onto the treated area is also effective in easing the burning sensation and itchiness.


An IPL treatment is a safe hair removal procedure for people wanting to get rid of unwanted body hairs without the pain of other hair removal methods. It’s a quick and easy procedure that takes a single session to get desired results. However, follow aftercare tips to ensure that the healing in the treated area goes well. 

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